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How It's Work

You need to generate all your keys using Visual Studio GUID generator and put those in a database. Dot License uses Access Database to store and retrieve information. When client request for Activate using one GUID key, system will validate key from a web server and store a BASE64 string to Windows Registry which is encrypted with Processor ID and GUID key. So that, client can not run same application from different PC using single key.

License Form

Activate Form

Add Activate Form in your Windows Application. All fields are required to activate. Activation Code is the GUID key which you need to provide your client and that is unique. In Activate Form you see Processor ID which you must hide when distribute your product. Processor ID will be generated automatically on Form Load event.

Table Apps

Table GUID

Database Relation


Add GUID key to tblGuid. If GUID key not found in the tblGuid system will failed to activate.

Web Service Running

Web Service

On the web server, you need to publish the WSDotLicense Web Service.

Test Application

Test Application

In your Windows Application add Application Configuration file and add web service address.

- RUN the Test Application and check whether it fits your need or not.

If you find any bug or have any suggestion, please log them as a bug/work item on the Codeplex site or you can mail me.

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