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Project Description

Dot License is very easy for licensing your software product. Product activation based on AES encryption, Processor ID and a single GUID key. Its a .Net 2.0 based application combination of Windows Form and ASP.Net Web Service.

Main target is to provide Single-PC Licensing using very simple way.

You need to generate all your keys using Visual Studio GUID generator and put those in a database. Dot License uses Access Database to store and retrieve information. When client request for Activate using one GUID key, system will validate key from a web server and store a BASE64 string to Windows Registry which is encrypted with Processor ID and GUID key. So that, client can not run same application from different PC using single key.

License Form


  • Single-PC Licensing
  • Activation includes
    • Processor ID which prevent duplication of Products
    • 128-bit GUID values
    • AES encryption

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